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Published June 1, 2016 In blog

I'm convinced now that GHOST MUSIC should have always been a double album on vinyl !! And Vinylselection has got it just right. What it has done has let me re-visit the music and add 2 unreleased tracks. One of them is the original idea for the track 'Zawsze' played on alto sax in condensed form.It's as close to the thought-to-fingers recording that I think I've done. The other is a powerful alternate version of 'Station East' a duet with one-off pianist, Steve Iliffe.

GHOST MUSIC was my first solo album with most of the music having a connection to visual imagery or places visited in Poland. 'Cemetery' for example was inspired by a famous place in Warsaw. I tried to capture that feeling of in between sleep and awakening. The pace and the tone of the tenor sax both try to induce that feeling and some of the compositions were for independent film and multi-media projects.

THE SOUND OF VINYL - I released several albums on vinyl with PINSKI ZOO and it's great to hear the music in this medium again. We RE-MASTERED the original tracks from GHOST MUSIC and re-mixed the additional ones too and vinyl enhances the music. With CD you can hear very clearly the spatial separateness, but I believe with the vinyl it brings an integrated and more musical feel to the tracks. They are mastered differently too.

DOUBLE LP cover - I also enjoyed designing the sleeve for this one and the chaps at Vinylselection have a policy of complete artistic freedom in this respect which is really welcome. To me the quality of the print and pressing look fantastic and I can't wait to see the final product.

Jan Kopinski