Vinylselection is delighted to be working alongside the very talented, award winning jazz saxophonist Jan Kopinski. Below is more detail on Jan, and links to buy most of the back catalogue exclusively signed for our customers!

Projects and Releases

Jan Kopinski Ghost Music

Pinski Zoo

"Organic, no-surrender, spiritually uplifting music"

PINSKI ZOO is a truly original contemporary jazz outfit from the UK that has maintained its dogged individuality and obsessive search for musical intensity. Their eclectic fusion of styles and technique foreshadowed the move towards mixing influences in much of today's modern music. Jan has fronted PINSKI ZOO for 30 years, regularly touring the UK, Europe, New York and Poland, winning praise from critics at home and abroad.

"Pinski Zoo deserve mega-stardom because it not only funked your socks off but foresaw future developments in jazz fusion"- The Guardian

This compelling quintet of two basses, drums, keyboards and Jan Kopinski’s sax is almost impossible to categorize; they swing from virtuosic jazz to gritty funk with freedom and movement.

"At full throttle there's no sound as full-blooded or viscerally powerful as Pinski Zoo's" – JazzUK

Jan Kopinski contemporary jazz

Jan Kopinski is a UK saxophonist and composer, with an improvisational style drawing on jazz and influences from Eastern Europe and contemporary music. He plays cross-genre music – from his 'free funk' outfits such as the award winning PINSKI ZOO, to contemporary European jazz and multi media outfits, such as Jan Kopinski’s REFLEKTOR. Jan is a singular musician who has followed a personal path, in a search of an expressive sax sound earning him a reputation as an exciting musician and a true original -

"Kopinski is one of Britain’s few authentic voices on saxophone" - Hi-Fi News and Record Review

After several years recording with Pinski Zoo, Jan turned to music that he wrote for visual imagery and film. GHOST MUSIC is Jan’s most intimate recording with a closed mic sound and a slower mesmerizing vibe. It includes family members, Stefan (bass) and Janina, (viola) creating a strong feeling of empathy throughout. Jan incorporates influences from Eastern Europe in many of the compositions, but it is the strong identity of the haunting sax sound which prevails.

“The music mostly takes Kopinski's ghostly Ayler-like sound at a trance-like walk, and at times it sounds like Headhunters meets free-improvisation. Terrific”. The Guardian

Developing from GHOST MUSIC, Jan Kopinski’s REFLEKTOR is now a flexible group, from duos to septets, and forms the core of Jan's music to film projects. Joined by PINSKI ZOO co-founder, pianist Steve Iliffe, Jan regularly performs a mixture of original improvised and formal compositions. EARTH is Jan’s commissioned atmospheric elegy to accompany the classic Soviet silent film of 1930.

"It's music of great pathos and beauty" - Coda

Jan Kopinski's MIRRORS project has compositions performed to video mixes, using jazz and improvisation to create a personal reflection upon a world of dislocation, memory and transition. Commissioned by Opera North to work with voice, the music also explores impressions of folk, religious and contemporary music that so beguiled modern Polish composers such as Szymanowski. The result is a kind of half dreaming PINSKI ZOO meeting GHOST MUSIC!