Ghost Music - Jan Kopinski Limited 180g Double Vinyl LP VS001

Ghost Music - Jan Kopinski Limited 180g Double Vinyl LP VS001

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With the success of Ghost music on CD with ASC Records, and there being so many requests for its re-release, Vinylselection has worked in collaboration with ASC's Steve Plews to remaster the Nottingham based artist's original recordings and release a one-off audiophile Vinyl Double LP edition, with Deluxe print sleeves, limited to 500 copies. 

This release also includes the following previously unreleased bonus tracks which were not included on the 1998 CD.

Side A

  • Track 1 CEMETERY 8.08
  • Track 2 STATION 3.27
  • Track 3 SLOW ZAWSZE 4.20
  • Track 4 HOUSE 4.01 

Side B 

  • Track 1 EGG CEREMONY 8.57
  • Track 2 MARBLE DAY DREAM 3.54
  • Track 3 SLOW ZAWSZE – Alternate version - previously unreleased 7.13

Side C  

  • Track 1 STATION EAST 8.01
  • Track 2 SPAGHETTI TRAFFIC 3.55
  • Track 3 ROUNDFIELD 8.01 

Side D

  • Track 1 SPOOK 5.33
  • Track 2 POOL OF BELLS 4.52
  • Track 3 STATION EAST – Alternate Take - previously unreleased  9.02

CD Reviews (ASC CD 19)

On holiday from his non-pareil avant-funk band Pinski Zoo, saxophonist Jan Kopinski brings in the family: Stefan Kopinski on bass and Nina Kopinska on viola. He retains the Zoo's keyboard-wizard Steve Iliffe. Though the sweat and drive of the classic quartet have gone, the programmed rhythms are cunning. Atmospheric and sinister, they avoid the cloddishness cyber-beats are heir to. 'Cemetery' is a haunting opener, Kopinski's sax drifting with gothic grace over the bar-lines. Occasionally the melancholia feels a little too constant: Kopinski's lyricism springs from Ayler and he can take greater challenges as an improvisor. Nevertheless, Ghost Music will convince doubters that Kopinski is one of Britain's few authentic voices on saxophone. Unfussy yet ambivalent, this music speaks a unique, pungent emotionalism.

BEN WATSON (Hi-Fi News & Record Review.)

At the original stoke Newington Jazz Café in the late eighties, an eccentric Nottingham free-funk band mixed infectious dance-floor beats with keyboard electronics and a saxophone sound that suggested Albert Ayler more than it did Ronnie Laws. This was Pinski Zoo, led by saxophonist Jan Kopinski, and it deserved mega-stardom because it not only funked your socks off but foresaw future developments in jazz fusion. But its members were diverted by other lives and its good to know that Kopinski and his keyboard partner Steve Iliffe are still creatively active. The music mostly takes Kopinski's ghostly Ayler-like sound at a trance-like walk, and at times it sounds like Headhunters meets free-improvisation. Terrific.

JOHN FORDHAM (The Guardian - May 1998)

Altough two thirds of the nucleus Jan Kopinski's previous band, Pinski Zoo, are involved in this recording - saxophonist Kopinski, plus keyboards player Steve Iliffe - the sound of this album is very different from the heavily anthemic harmolodics-influenced music frequently produced by the Nottingham-based band. The tune titles - "Cemetery", "Pool of Bells", "Marble Day dream" - give some idea of the atmosphere the music conjures up; the intstrumentation - the tenor, alto and soprano saxophones of Kopinski, his daughter Janina's viola, son Stefan's bass and programs - a little more, but the textures resulting from Kopinski's saxes slowly unfurling over hypnotic backing, especially when mixed with viola, are intriguingly original and demand to be heard.

CHRIS PARKER (Jazzwise 1998)

As a keen Pinski Zoologist, I approached this family affair with some trepidation, regretting the absence of bassist Karl Wesley Bingham. Steve Iliffe is brought forward on keybaoards and programs, but Stefan Kopinski contributes bass (and programs) and Janina Kopinska plays viola. Jan Kopinski's talent for writing striking or beautiful or strikingly beautiful tunes was always evident, but in the hurlyburly of Pinski Zoo the finer points could get submerged. Not here. Though this is a predominantly lyrical album, the emotional intensity and instrumental power of his work with PZ is retained. Music with this combination of earnestness, expertise and passion is a rare breed indeed. Snap it up.


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